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Warren YMCA 


Gymnastics Team

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2019-2020 Committee Assignments

   Fundraising Committee


 Committee MembersRoxie White, Jess Ceriola, Sandy Schott, Stacy Woodin
 Board Contact

 Emily Poole


     Home Meet


Co- Chair

Logo/Theme Design

Abby Wenzel


Abby Wenzel, Cristen Wilkins

 Mat Vacuuming

Megan Curren, Peggy Spoveri


Alexia Lawson, Katie Keeports, Jillian Johnson, Natalie Massa, Sherry Smyth


Jen Dell


Jessica Arnold

 Board Contact

All of the Board


 Team Clothing

Committee Members                  Heather Alexander, Jenny Grosch, Roxie White

Board Contact                        Mary Tyler

   Away Meets


Emily Poole


 Emily Onuffer





Deborah Gigliotti

 Board Contact

 Kim Corey


   Special Events




 Committee MembersPauli Martin
 Board Contact

 Emily Poole






 Committee Members

 All Families Attending 





 Committee Members  

 Kim Darr, Melissa Page, Joel Forsgren, Becky Ickert, Sherry Smythe

 Board ContactLacey Schuler




 Committee Members


 Board Contact