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Warren YMCA 


Gymnastics Team

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2016-2017 Committee Assignments

   Fundraising Committee


 Committee MembersMichael Archuleta, Brenda Carlson, Amanda Diemer, Shellie Olsen
 Board Contact

 Emily Poole


     Home Meet


Co- Chair

Teresa Abplanalp, Jen Thrift

Logo/Theme Design

Pam Kennedy, Pauli Martin


Julie Dailey, Riki Madigan


Amy Noe


Sandy Schott, Shana Wennberg


Kelly Ford, Amanda Lester


Jen Clough

 Board Contact

Amy Noe


 Team Clothing

Chair                                                                                                                                         Megan Yeager

Committee Members                                                                                                                 Ellen Wilson

Board Contact                                                                                                                           Shannon Yeager

   Away Meets


Lisa Hamler

 Board Contact

 Kim Corey





Deborah Gigliotti

 Committee Members

 Alexia Lawson

    Board Contact                                                                                                         Shannon Yeager

   Special Events




 Committee MembersJen Gray, Nicole Phillips
 Board Contact

 Sami Anderson






Assisted By Coach Brian

 Committee Members

 All Families Attending 





Hope Baldensburger, Shona Knupp

 Committee Members  

Megan Brooker, Kim Brown, Becky Ickert, Shellie Olsen,

Jenn Savedge, Tina Stantz

 Board ContactAmy Noe


  YMCA 150th Anniversary


 Committee Members

 Heather Alexander, Jenny Grosch, Maria Munksgard,  Lacey Schuler, Sherice Young

 Board Contact

 Kim Corey